Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Needs CPAP?

Gabrielle and Alaina don't -- at least not all the time! The nurses at Columbia started weaning Alaina off of her CPAP for a few hours a day earlier this week and yesterday, it was Gaby's turn. She's on CPAP for three hours, then off for another three and she did really well. She loves not having the big tubes attached to her head -- when I went to see her yesterday morning, she had pulled them off herself!

They still have the velcro mustaches on but here are some pictures of our CPAP-free cuties.



I used to think the girls looked exactly alike but now that we get a better look at their faces, I can see the differences. Alaina looks more like her daddy -- she had a darker complexion and DH's eyes -- while Gabrielle is starting to look more like me -- she's more fair and has a longer face. It's so amazing getting to know these little girls!

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