Monday, October 13, 2008

Things Are Looking Up

For tonight anyway. Gabrielle's X-ray came back clean again. The doctors think that after a day of holding her feeds, starting her back at 20 cc's may have been too much and caused her to throw up. They started feeding her again at noon with 15 cc's and so far, she hasn't had any issues. Let's hope we don't have another incident tonight like we've had the last two!

Meanwhile, her little sister had a great day. A new attending physician is on this week and after examining Alaina she said she couldn't believe how active she is and how good she looks considering the surgery she's been through. The surgeons agree that she's making impressive progress and she may be transfered back down to where Gaby is to start feeding and fatten up before her next surgery. I'm sure Gabrielle would be very happy to have her sister with her again!

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