Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Girls in Action

It's been a while since I posted any video of Gabrielle and Alaina so here are two clips. Even though the girls don't do all that much at this age (they're 32 weeks gestation which is basically -8 weeks old based on their due date), you definitely get a sense of their personalities from just these one minute clips. Little miss Gabrielle is my mellow baby (except when someone wants her to do something she doesn't want to, like lay on her back!). She literally spends her days sleeping and growing, which is what she would be doing in the womb right now. Here she is trying to stay awake while she eats her dinner.

Meanwhile, Alaina is the drama queen. She's always squirming, wriggling and letting you know what's on her mind. She spends a lot of her day with her eyes wide open trying to take everything in. I filmed her yesterday with her CPAP off and you can tell how happy she is to be free of all of the gear. Without her hat on, you can see the crazy haircut she has thanks to all of the IV's the doctors had to put in her head (she still has her PICC line on her right side).

The girls are growing like crazy now. Gabrielle is up to 21 cc's of milk per feeding and weighs 2 pounds 10.32 ounces. Alaina is on TPN again and it obviously agrees with her because she's up to 2 pounds 11.73 ounces. At the rate they're gaining, the girls could break the three pound mark in the next few days!

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