Friday, October 3, 2008

The Lowest Low Yet

We got a call yesterday morning that Alaina has necrotizing enterocolitis (aka NEC). Basically, NEC is a very serious gastrointestinal disease where infection or inflammation can cause damage to, or even the destruction of, the intestines. She's in critical condition and we are hoping and praying that her intestines won't perforate which would require surgery. She's on antibiotics to deal with any infections (we found out today that she has an E. Coli infection but we're hoping the antibiotics will take care of it) and the doctors have her intubated so she doesn't have to work as hard to breathe. She has X-rays taken every 4-6 hours to make sure there are no perforations in her intestines and surgeons are on stand by just in case. The good news is that even though Alaina is in critical condition, she's been stable since yesterday but all we can do now is take it hour by hour.

As if that wasn't enough, Gabrielle starting throwing up yesterday too so the doctors stopped her feeds and started X-raying her to make sure she hasn't contracted NEC as well. So far, her X-rays have been clear but she's being fed via IV now just to be safe. The infection she had earlier this week seems to be under control and we're hoping she'll stay NEC-free and will be back to getting milk very soon.

So that's the latest. We'll post updates here when we can and we thank you in advance for any prayers and good thoughts you can spare for Alaina and Gabrielle.

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