Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Scare

Every morning, we call to check on the girls. At 6:00 am, we call Alaina's nurse to make sure nothing changed over night and we check in again around 9:00 after the nurses change shifts to get her blood work results before we head up to see her. Around the same time, we call St. Vincent's to get check in on Gabrielle as well.

Yesterday morning, Alaina got two good reports which is always a huge relief, but when we called to check on Gaby, the doctor told us that after her midnight feeding, her belly started looking a little distended, which is a sign of NEC. They did an X-ray and it looked clear but they were holding her feedings just to be safe. Gabrielle contracting NEC too is our worst nightmare. Normally we would go to Columbia to spend the day with Alaina and see Gaby on our way home, but our routine went out the window and we immediately headed down to St. Vincents to talk to the doctors.

When we got there, the head neonatologist assured us that Gabrielle was fine. She showed us the X-ray of her intestines which looked nothing like Alaina's had, and said that if Gaby had been any other baby, they wouldn't have even been worried about NEC, but because of what we'd been through, they were being extra cautious. She told us that all of her blood work looked perfect and when we looked at Gabrielle's belly, it seemed fine. The doctors wanted to give her a blood transfusion because she was slightly anemic, which is normal for preemies, and after that, they were going to start her feeds again. In the end, poor Gaby missed a whole day's worth of milk because we're all so paranoid she's going to get sick like Alaina did, but at this point, I know it's better safe than sorry.

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