Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Roller Coaster Continues

We found out last night that Gabrielle has an infection. The doctors had seen some abnormalities in her blood work last Thursday and put her on antibiotics as a precautionary measure. Yesterday, they got the results of the cultures they did on her and it turns out she has a bacterial infection. The good news is that it seems to be sensitive to one of the antibiotics she was given and her most recent cultures have been negative. The bad news is that to keep other babies in the NICU from getting the infection, Gaby had to be moved away from Alaina and into a special section with another baby who had the same infection. She'll be there for the next 14 days until the course of antibiotics she's on is finished.

The doctors are confident that the medicine she's on will take care of the infection and she had a spinal tap last night to make sure there weren't any signs of meningitis. Her fluid was clear so that's a really good sign and when Jan and I went to visit her this morning, she looked great and was very alert. We even thought we detected a smile on her face, although the nurse said it could just be gas. We spoke with the head neonatalogist who assured us that Gabrielle is doing wonderfully -- her blood work looks great, her temperature is perfect, she's eating well, etc. -- so we're hoping that the antibiotics will do the job and the infection will be gone for good. And the roller coaster ride continues....

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